History of the Flag Football Program

The Lannon Lions Club started the program in the late 1960's.  It was such a success that the Sussex Lions Club decided in 1970 to get acquainted with the program by sending some volunteer representatives to help Lannon and learn ways to start a Sussex mirror program.

In 1971 when Sussex started its program, 225 boys signed up.  By 1972 there were 280 boys in the Sussex program, while the neighboring Lannon program continued to flourish.  In 1975 a season finale was added, a Lannon-Sussex Flag Football Superbowl, using the main Hamilton sports field.

In 1988 the Lannon and Sussex Flag Football Programs were merged into one program but an American and National League were set up.  The Super Bowl is now between the champs of the American League and the champs of the National League. 

In 2016 the Sussex Area Service Club joined the Lions Club in running the program.  Much like the Lions Club, the Sussex Area Service Club is a non-profit, service organization that serves the Sussex area.  The committee that runs the program is made up of members of the two clubs.




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